Thing 5 : Getting Started with RSS

I have been using RSS for several years and I find it a helpful way to keep up-to-date on blogs and other writings that I’m interested in. This week I have added all of the blogs that were required for the class and I chose several of my favorite New York Times op-ed writers. The post that I like the most was called “Handing out Tickets” from the Connected Principals blog. George Couros tells the story of the time that he was pulled over by police for speeding. He was rushing to school because he was running late. Instead of just giving him a speeding ticket, the officer asked him why he was speeding. He explained that he was on the way to school and he was late. He was the only teacher on duty that morning and he was concerned about the safety of the children. The officer did not give him a ticket. Instead he told him to leave earlier in the future and he escorted him to school. Couros uses this story as a lesson to educators about how to discipline students. There isn’t one appropriate response for everyone. The situation matters. “Fair and equal are not always the same thing.”

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